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Bomb Squad Captain: So, Jenkins, are you ready for your first day on the bomb squad?
Jenkins: I sure am, sir.
Loudspeaker: Attention bomb task force, 2-5-9 reported at East Parkside. All personnel respond.
Captain: Let's roll.
Police Officer: The bomb is by the east side of the fountain. We've evacuated the area.
Captain: Good, officer. We'll assess the threat and take-
Jenkins: LET'S DO THIS!
[Jenkins kneels down by the bomb]
Jenkins: Okay, red before green, you're nice and clean. Green before red, everyone's dead.
Captain: Uh, Jenkins, the robot...
Bomb Technician 1: Normally we just get the robot...
Bomb Technician 2: The robot can go...
Captain: JENKINS!
[Jenkins is in a hospital bed, covered head to toe in bandages]
Captain: Don't feel too bad, those robots cost a fortune.