↓ Transcript
The military seems to have its own secret language, which can be confusing to outsiders
Here is a handy guide to translate from soldier to civilian
Grease 'em Kill them
Blast 'em Kill them
Crush 'em Kill them
Smoosh 'em Kill them
Save 'em Kill them
Make 'em holy Kill them
Engage in diplomacy Kill them
Don't kill them Kill them later
Geneva Conventions have been breached I have just farted inside this armoured vehicle
Watch this Watch me waste a million dollars
Oh gosh One or more of my limbs have been separated from my body
The eagle has landed (in presence of moon rocket) Man has set foot on the moon
The eagle has landed (no moon rocket) The Nazis have captured the White House
Activate Omega protocol! (Cheat code for picking up women)