Alex Shenkin

Rock Paper Scissors is part of a D.A.R.P.A. initiative researching the lethality of puns. Check back every Monday for the latest in weaponized humour.

Why Rock Paper Scissors?

Behold! My first ever published comic, faithfully recreated for you:
rock paper scissors remake

Wait a minute – I’ve seen some of these comics before! Plagiarist! Thief! Murderer (of originality)!

Wow, good eye. From 2007-2010, I made comics that appeared in the Toike Oike, the engineering humour newspaper at the University of Toronto. Some of those comics are reproduced here, and some must never again see the light of day.

The mouseover text isn’t working for me.

That’s because there is no mouseover text.

What do you draw your comics in?

My underwear.

I want to give you money! How?

Hi mom.

Is that your real name?

No, but people have mistaken both my first and last name for them. My real name is namdnihS noraA.