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[Four friends are standing around chatting, one holding a piece of paper, the leader holding a stool, one with a box, and one holding a barrel]
General Chitchat: Got your stuff? I'm so excited. How much longer?
[A person walks in holding a ziploc bag full of poo]
Poo Friend: Sorry I'm late guys, is everyone ready?
Leader: Oh my god, is that... is that poop?!
General Consternation: Ewww... Gross...
Poo Friend: I thought we were supposed to bring a stool sample
Leader: Yeah, you were, to the FURNITURE CONVENTION!
Poo Friend: But... but...
Leader: Just get out of here!
[Poo Friend slinks off]
General Consternation: Unbelievable! Why would he do that? Disgusting. He actually brought poop.
Barrel Friend [thinking]: Uh-oh...